Prioritizing in the midst of societal pressure.
“All things are lawful,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful,” but not all things build up. – 1 Cor. 10:23
Each of us has a gift, something we’re passionate about. Something we’re naturally great at. Something we’re constantly eager to learn about. God gives us these gifts so that we can live fulfilled lives. The bible says our gifts do many things:
+ They make room for us.
+ They serve to assist and inspire others to use their own gifts.
+ They serve a specific purpose in this world.
Often, because of the abundance given to us by GOD, we think that we must use these gifts in every scenario that presents itself to us. But GOD is interested in your well-being and self-care first and foremost, for you being sound in your mind and body contributes to you using your gifts and maximizing your potential. That’s why discernment is an important step in your utilizing your gifts. Every space has not been created for you. But there are spaces that have been laid out by God, specifically for your growth, and the development of your gifts.
It’s also necessary to prioritize GOD’s TIMING. Many of us are in a season where our creative juices are flowing, and we’re ready to get out and launch our businesses and brands. We naturally want to move quickly out of excitement. But GOD asks us to take a moment to prioritize HIS TIMING. Take your time, and WHEN it’s time, you’ll know. Be diligent and detailed in your planning process, for the ideas coming to you at this moment are pivotal. Make every day count in your grind, but know that when it’s time for you and your gifts to shine, GOD will offer you plenty of signs and confirmation.
GOD is asking us to find the most effective ways to utilize what we’ve so graciously been given. Though our culture always wants us on the go with no purpose, GOD gives meaningful goals to our grind. Our gifts are like a currency, and we don’t need to use them on everyone and everything, and we certainly don’t need to rush their process. When you take time in your day to acknowledge and honor GOD, he calms your spirit and helps you to work through what needs the most attention, while wiping away the other worries and cares from your mind. If you’re having trouble accepting GOD’s timing, pray and ask GOD to remind you of his promise to you. Set your intentions around the word of GOD, and watch everything you touch flourish.
As we always say here at GOD and GOALS, stay in alignment! Be open to the fruition of your dreams and visions looking different than you expected, and take the time to tweak and tailor them to EXACTLY what God has given you before sharing them with the world. Be obedient in your execution, and when your moment arrives, GOD will reward you in ways you can’t fathom.
Remember, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and our Heavenly Father wants us to prosper in our GOALS through a relationship with Him. This is the basis of our brand, GOD and GOALS!

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